Nice memories...

Fantasy Tale - First Chapter

As I said, here is the first chapter of the story.

Title: (Untitled for now, but maybe someone will have any idea...)
Chapter Title: The Meeting
Author: me
Fandom: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Pairing: Kaito/Aoko, Shinichi/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha, Saguru/Akako
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
Summary: AU-ish fantasy tale with magic, and warriors, and lot of travelling.
Disclaimer:  I don't own not Detective Conan, nor Magic Kaito.

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Fantasy Tale - Prologue

Time for another unfinished story, though this time the story is still in progress and contrary to the other stories that are still in progress, I'm currently writing this one.

It is (or will be) a tale about four warriors, one witch, one wizard, one healer and a prince, that live in eight lands of the Kingdom of Albion. It is (will be) a story about the Prophecy that bounds their fates. It is (will be) the story about an evil Gem, that needs to be destroyed.

Title: (Untitled for now, but maybe someone will have any idea...)
Chapter Title: Prologue
Author: me
Fandom: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Pairing: Kaito/Aoko, Shinichi/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha, Saguru/Akako
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
Summary: AU-ish fantasy tale with magic, and warriors, and lot of travelling.
Disclaimer:  *sigh* No, I don't own not Detective Conan, nor Magic Kaito. I'd blend them into one if I was :D

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The first chapter is already written, I'll add it tomorrow, or so.


How beautiful could be the season of fall...

It's about a month left to the beginning of the astronomical winter or, if we consider the influence of precession, the astronomical winter started today. Looking back, at the winters that already passed, it's easy to notice the influence of precession and how it shift the astronomical calendar about a month back. Last year the winter started in late October and the whole November was covered with snow.

This year is different.

It's true that when I open the window to take a breath, I can smell the winter in the air. It's the kind of frosty, sharp smell, completely different from what I could still smell in the middle of October. This year the scent is the most remarkable sign of winter. It's good.

Personally, I rather don't like winter. Don't get me wrong, I love to see the world covered with that while puff. I can remember what I wrote in the letter to a friend last December. Let me quote it, to make it more understandable (I hope she wouldn't mind):

It was snowing, when I was walking home. Soft, white fluffs were swirling in the air, just to majestically touch the snow. My village was looking like it came from some fairy tale. The awful greyness of the houses, walls which were shouting “Paint me” in the summer, even this was barely noticeable today. The roofs looked like someone covered them with a fluffy blanket. A steam from they chimneys was announcing that all interiors were warm, but if you forgot about the XXIst century, you could imagine that it was an invitation, or rather introduction of warm, family meal. It's like travelling in the world of Christmas Coral (…)


Winter also means the horrible weather.

Yesterday was about 2 degrees above the 0 °C. The snow began to melt, it was grey and wet outside. And today was about 2 degrees below the 0 °C, which made this whole after snow water to freeze. It was like walking on the ice. Even worse, because cars and footsteps had left grooves in this not-snow, but not-already-a-water, and it all froze making the street and the sidewalk very uncomfortable to walk.

When I was walking to work, the snow began to fall again, and a very freezing wind was blowing as it wanted to keep it the company. It blew through my coat, freezing me to the bones. Especially in the places, where were no buildings, that could shield me from it. I felt the pinching feeling on my cheeks, that weren't covered with my scarf. I felt like I was walking for ages, with every step trying a safe place, where I could put my feet on. And this falling snow was slowly covering the ice, and soon it was impossible to say where the road was safe, and where was the ice trap. With my glasses covered with the steam from my breath, I was more than happy when I finally put my feet to the school's stairs.

When I was walking back, the weather was a bit worse. Temperature decreased, wind increased its force and the snow, that had been falling from time to time, covered the road that way, that you could rather feel the texture of the sidewalk's grooves, that see it. And yet, the layer of snow was too shallow to make this fluff comfortable for walking on it...”

See, what I mean. The winter just started and it already was a pain in the... Riiight. So just to show how lucky we are, having still so pretty autumn, I'm going to post here some pictures, that I've made today in local park. I appreciate what I have, and (in the meaning of weather) I hope this Autumn won't finish until Spring... Because there is nothing prettier than Spring...

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New fic...

As I promised I'm posting here the fic that I wrote about the next generation in Magic Kaito/Detective Conan's world. As I mentioned it's just the beginning, this story is still ongoing, and I'm writing it currently, as the other stories I've posted here. Oh come on, I know that "The list of things to do" and "Studies" are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting for an update, but as I've already told - when my muses doesn't want to cooperate, all I can do is write something else, hoping that they'll be kind enough to bring some new ideas to these old stories :)

Now. What do you need to know before the lecture?

First that this is about these characters I've introduced earlier. Second, it's not betareaded, so I could only check the main errors with my openoffice and language tool. And third that I know it's not a masterpiece, but practice maked perfect, so I hope that I will be better in some far future ;) And fourth, to make it clear, it's a romance!

Now, let the show begin...

Title: "Live happily ever after - the chronicles of Kudou, Hattori, Kuroba, Hakuba and Akai families"
Author: me
Fandom: Magic Kaito/Detective Conan
Pairing: Shinichi/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha, Kaito/Aoko, Saguru/Akako (mentioned), Saguru/Keiko, Shuuichi/Ai, Conan/Shiho, Heizou/Yuki, Eiji/Yuri, Hideaki/Ran, Norizuki/Shiroko
Genre: Romance/Friendship/Adventure(perhaps)
Rating: T
Discalimer: I do not own not the main characters, nor the world that Ayoama Goshou-sensei created, my only addition is the progeny, that I created, but even so, all credits belongs to Aoyama-sensei :)

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Nice memories...


I just watched "Blue birthday" anime!
I do know that characters don't look exactly like those in Detective Conan's Episode 219, I do know that the order of episodes differs from the order of chapters in manga, but no matter what, I do fall in love with that episode!
It was almost perfect.
It would be all perfect if they met at the end and kissed ;)
It was one of the chapters I hoped to watch, I'm so happy I could. I also want to watch the chapter about Kaito Robot and that one in the mountains, when they were attending at the ski competition.

For those who haven't watched it yet, there are screenshots of my favourite scenes from youtube...
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Nice memories...

A little introduction to new fic...

The idea of writing about next generation was has been crossing my mind for quite a while already. In some earlier entry, I've put one of my previous ideas of main characters' progeny. I was working on them, adding some kids, or changing the spouses of some characters, just to finish with today's version. Yes, I also have pictures. Some of them are taken as scrincaps from youtube. The picture of Kudo Shinichi I borrowed from the site (I haven't asked for a permission, so I someone feels offended, I'm sorry - let me know and I'll change it right away - especially that he plays the role of Kudou Shinichi ). And the rest of them, comes as screencaps with some modification (better or worst, depends on my humour). Want to see them with a small description?

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Nice memories...

History isn't that bad.

I've just learnt that during the Upper Silesia Plebiscite, which had taken a place in March 1921, in my own countryside only 6 people voted for Poland, the rest 1150 people voted for Germany. I really was shocked reading it. I know that my region belonged to Germany for long (not to mention that for 123 years Poland as a country hadn't existed), but I expected more even proportions, since there were enough polish people here to have masses in polish language in local church.



Sometimes history can be fascinating. I was never much into the history thing, but I love the place where I was born and where I spent my childhood, my youth, and perhaps where I will spend my whole life. And since I love this place, I want to learn more about it. When it became German, and when it was back to Poland (okay I know that it happened after Second World War), etc... But what I am curious about the most, is what was here, before the West Slavs had come here.

I know that right now it's hard to dive in the history. It's because the deeper in history we wanted to dig, the more obstacles we met. All wars destroyed the documents, and we can only look for the informations in these miserable remainders. It would be fantastic to know what happened in the region from the beginning to the present day.


(Sigh) I think I'm starting to be sentimental :)

Interested, Confused

The weather's surprises.

Maybe it's only me, but I thought that if we have the beginning of May, we will be in the middle of the Spring. You know, the full spring with temperatures close to 20 C (68 F, 293.15 K)... It was like this in April for heaven's sake! I was even planning some nice photo session with friends in the park, surrounded by a spring, sun and flowers. Maybe we would even visit the Japanese Garden nearby... But even in my dreams I wouldn't expect this!

It's hard to believe that summer will come in a month... Really hard...
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